Why Can’t I Find A Good Bookkeeper? A Business Owner’s Dilemma

A career as a bookkeeper is versatile because the business landscape is always evolving. Finding a good bookkeeper is difficult, and you should do everything that you can to make the experience as easy as possible for them. One characteristic you need to look for in a book keeper is flexibility. Being client-centric is one of the most important soft book keeping skills. It’s also about having a good perspective on client relationships and customer service. Your bookkeeper will have access to important and sensitive information that must be kept confidential.

  • Like most other professions, there are constant changes in bookkeeping as well.
  • Look for candidates with relevant educational backgrounds, such as a degree in Accounting, Finance, or a related field.
  • The bookkeeper is generally responsible for overseeing the first six steps of the Accounting Cycle, while the last two are typically taken care of by an accountant.
  • Since nearly anyone can call themselves a bookkeeper, you’ll want to ask about their background.

A bookkeeping career focusing on payroll duties involves time tracking, benefits management, and wage distribution. Bookkeepers who specialize in this area also tie their work to the revenue or funding sources that finance outgoing payments. Take time to research compensation trends for bookkeepers before you launch a job candidate search. Our Salary Calculator provides real-world salaries by location and can help you determine what level of compensation bookkeepers in your city or state might expect to earn.


Additionally, a bookkeeper helps you pay bills and, depending on your business, follows up on accounts receivable. Taking advantage of virtual bookkeeping services can make the process more streamlined and easier to access paperwork and other statements online, rather than having to meet in person. Asking what kind of accounting software your bookkeeper uses is important because it determines whether or not you’ll have administrative rights. If you don’t have rights to the software, you may have issues accessing your financial information if you don't have access to the software your bookkeeper uses. The bottom line here is to make sure you have access to the data and files the bookkeeper will be working with to ensure transparency.

In this case, you’ll need to become acquainted with and use the same bookkeeping services your firm does. The amount you choose will vary based on your company’s location, the experience you’re requiring, whether they’re contractors or employees, and the industry in which your company operates. If you’re interested in hiring a contract bookkeeper, consider Bench, a virtual accounting service provider.

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Look for indications of their familiarity with bookkeeping software, knowledge of accounting principles, and any specialized industry experience. When it comes to your finances, you want someone trustworthy, knowledgeable, and experienced by your side. Finding a good bookkeeper requires careful consideration and a systematic approach. Let’s explore the essential steps to help you locate the perfect bookkeeping professional. A bookkeeper provides a critical role in the data collection and data input of a business’ accounting cycle.

How to Hire the Best Bookkeeper Candidate

For a truck driver, you could include a driver’s license check. However, for a bookkeeper, I recommend you include a financial background check. Make sure your job ad includes a few brief sentences about your company.

Our PRO users get lifetime access to our bookkeeping training videos, cheat sheet, flashcards, quick tests, tests for prospective employees, guide to bookkeeping concepts, and more. It is the most basic skill a modern professional bookkeeper should have. Most bookkeeping practices today involved the use of email, internet, Word and Excel programs. A bookkeeper may have experience working with restaurants or retailers but may not have the knowledge or experience when working for a pest control company or plumbing company.

Check out today's Day In the Bookkeeper's Life featuring Martha Rhoades. This person could have experience within a variety of industries. A monthly fee is typically charged – lending a steady idea of how much money is going out. This is similar to the quality work of a firm but is often more affordable. Here are some quick and dirty facts of each of these bookkeepers options.

What is a Bookkeeper?

As bookkeepers work closely with raw data, they tend to develop a good understanding of how a business works. Being attentive to your business as it’s growing is crucial when it comes to reaching your goals. Luckily, bookkeepers and bookkeeping software are here to take the stress out of daily administrative tasks and sort out that mountain of paperwork. Focus on your business and hire a virtual bookkeeper with QuickBooks Live Bookkeeping. Take advantage of books that are 100% accurate from bookkeepers with over 10 years of experience for confidence and peace of mind.

Evaluate the candidate’s proficiency in accounting software, such as QuickBooks, Xero, or other relevant platforms. Check their knowledge of Microsoft Excel and petty cash book types example format entry downloads other software tools commonly used in bookkeeping. Using your job board of choice, you can scan for bookkeepers in your area with the experience you seek.

Always ask to review the paperwork before it is submitted, and never sign a blank tax return. Accountants may offer a package rate for weekly, monthly or annual services to reward ongoing customers. Nationally, full-time staff accountants earn between $40,000 and $80,000, depending on experience and other factors.


As stated, it’s dependent on your company’s needs and how you plan to grow your business. As a business, you don’t know how to find a good bookkeeper the first time you look for one. If you’re comparing professionals to find one that is good for your company, consider asking friends for referrals, reading through reviews and meeting with the expert in person. When reviewing a bookkeeper’s resume, pay attention to their qualifications, certifications, and relevant experience.

Bookkeepers at nonprofit organizations require a detailed understanding of these special principles to avoid legal penalties for these groups. The COVID-19 pandemic has amplified the need for highly skilled bookkeepers who can help companies keep pace with the critical process of bookkeeping during this challenging period. You also want to be sure that your bookkeeper has experience with the recordkeeping system and software your organization uses, or you'll need to provide training. Bookkeeping practices vary between industries, so look for a track record relevant to your line of work. A bookkeeper who has worked only with fashion retailers, for instance, may not have the knowledge and experience to do an equally good job for an air-conditioning company.